January 19, 2010

Photographs, a dime a dozen

My porridge cup
Plumes on my Coldplay T-shirt

Amsterdam, by the side walk
Holding cotton clouds on its thousand year old branchlets
Once upon a time, there were many little toys
From the terrace in the countryside
Gold ink Buddhist Thangka
49 flavours. Net Wt. 4lb
The making of house-boat in the backwaters
Frangipani sisters
And they all called it a day

January 6, 2010

Dear Family, I protest (since your initial enthusiasm for owning a dog has passed).

This is Champak Lal, a little over five weeks old. I’m not big on dogs but this pooch’s one so-lost-in-this-world look and I’m a goner. He’s adorable and all those names you may feel compelled to squeal in delight-snowflakes, white frosting, cotton candy or soft vapour bundle but wait, he’s also little puddles, no, MANY little puddles of susu/piss(atleast ten in an hour) and also occasional melted fudgies. I'm going nuts cleaning his mess because everyone else’s ass is just so high and mighty or too fat to stoop! FYI , getting this pup wasn’t my idea, in fact I wasn’t even around when this idea and the pup came home.

PS - Ok, I may have exaggerated a bit on the frequency of Champak Lal’s peeing but seriously, be nice, develop some dignity of labour, sense of responsibility and above everything else, get someone to potty train him!!!

PS2 - Champak Lal, no issues. I do love you. Really.

PS3 - Lord and Lady Slothingtons, don’t hope that I will feel guilty about posting this. It wont happen. :D About time you picked that bloody mop.

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