July 23, 2009

Home, lost and found

The earnest Kootchie Koo feelings and Gifts

I shall not buy you a teddy bear
Or get you a bunch of dried flowers from the old lady
A hieroglyphic pebble from London isn’t my wish
I wouldn’t pick curious stones for a pendant
Pink would certainly never remind me of you
For the personalized blue and white text-ed tee
I am not going all the way to the city
I will have to be entirely loony
To marker a palm with your name
Or to leaf your trace on the grass
When I don’t even miss you on my forearm
Forever and One isn’t my song
As aren’t the poems, all in all 97 so far
The long haired violinist
Had seen the last of her
Sitting on the tin of your cup and saucer
If at all you want a ring, apart the one for keys
Then a band would be my last idea
Happening only just by chance.